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What is wedo.ai?

Wedo is a social marketplace and neobank powered by AI and blockchain technologies. We provide a safe place and a suite of communication and financial tools that help you do business so you can build your community, client base and your bottom line.

Vision 👩‍🚀

Our aim is to create a space for economic growth and decent work for all. That space is driven by our vision to create a more equitable and sustainable future.

We imagine a world where every person not only has the opportunity to get work, but where people can explore their talents without the mundane obstacles that eat at the most limited resource we have: Time. In turn, society will benefit from more time spent on innovation, creativity and the skills and passions of its people…through work.

Empowering the future of work and giving humans back their autonomy through our approach to data is primordial to creating a democratized future. 

Purpose ♾️

We’re here to solve problems and learn… Our purpose is to create better integrated tools and communities in order to level the playing field for all. 

We Believe 🙏

in enabling people with choice: to choose how they work, when they work and where they work.
We are big fans of the digital nomad and the remote and distributed workforce because we know that these models can be extremely efficient and improve the quality of life for people globally.



Why Wedo AI? 

The traditional 9-5 cubicle and water cooler workforce is outdated. Automation is replacing factory work and shift work rapidly. We believe that by creating seamless tools through  innovation and imagination we can truly change the world by improving your/our/everyone’s future of work – starting now.

We have been founders, freelancers, creatives, consultants, employees, as well as business owners. We came together to build Wedo to make a huge impact on your costs, time, and efficiency.

This seamless social work suite is for you. And we can’t wait to see you get creative with it!  Join us, it’s never too late to build a better future.



Who we are


Founder | CEO

Indiana Gregg is an accomplished CEO and founder of Wedo.ai, known for her visionary leadership and over two decades of experience in digital innovation and entrepreneurship as well as her success as an artist in the music industry. Her diverse career, spanning digital media, fintech, and creative industries, has been marked by her ability to drive growth and pioneer disruptive technologies. (read more)

Krzysztof ZielinskI


As CTO at Wedo.ai, Krzysztof Zieliński's diverse experience in IT, combined with his leadership in Agile methodologies, is invaluable. His expertise aligns with Wedo.ai’s focus on technological innovation, particularly in fintech and the gig economy. Zieliński’s background in managing complex IT projects across various sectors equips him with the skills to navigate the challenges in developing robust, scalable, and user-friendly tech solutions. (read more) 

Alexandra leenen

Co-founder | COO

Alexandra Leenen's vast experience in banking and fintech, combined with her strong leadership skills and commitment to diversity, positions her as a crucial asset in steering the company towards operational excellence and strategic growth. As COO, her role is instrumental in aligning Wedo.ai's technological advancements with sustainable business practices and fostering an inclusive, dynamic culture. (read more)

Dr. Yuras Hetsevich


Dr. Hetsevich's extensive experience in AI and NLP is particularly relevant to Wedo.ai's focus on leveraging AI for SMEs & the gig economy. His background in leading AI-driven projects, coupled with his academic credentials, provides him with a unique insight into how AI can be innovatively applied to improve Wedo.ai.Outside of his stellar publications in AI academia as well as it's practical application in voice to text technology, (read more)


Co-founder | Chair

David Jaques is a seasoned financial executive renowned for his expertise in managing the financial dimensions of diverse organizations, including private equity partnerships, fintech companies, and publicly traded entities. His proficiency spans financial management, investor relations, SEC filings, corporate governance, and regulatory compliance. As a dual citizen of the UK and USA, (read more)

Kirsten Granzow


Kirsten Granzow, with over three decades of extensive experience in marketing and administration, serves as the Chief Marketing Officer at Wedo Ventures Ltd. Her career showcases profound expertise in various facets of marketing, including product/market fit analysis, go-to-market strategies, public relations, social media management, and   (read more)

1. Purposeful

Wedo exists to help people do their ‘why’. Our mission is audaciously large and motivates us to improve ourselves and our products. We use our talent, knowledge and skills with focus. And then we get the job done together

2. Empowering

Wedo helps people do what they love. We provide invaluable support for people who aim to make the world a better place. We help people use their talent, knowledge and skills anywhere, any time. 

3. Approachable

We believe in diversity and creating a fair playing field with equality. We see ourselves as a team of emphatic humans helping other humans rather than a company, so acting in kindness and sincerity comes naturally.

4. Creative

We love to create moments for our customers to smile. We spread that across our workplace and share creative joy with each other. By letting ourselves have fun, we make work less
boring. Life’s too short!

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