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Why start a side hustle or freelancing job full-time?

Freelancing and starting a side hustle can provide a wide range of opportunities for individuals looking to supplement their income or pursue their passions.

With the rise of the gig economy and the increasing availability of online platforms, it’s easier than ever to find work as a freelancer or to start a side hustle.

We built Wedo to help people start their freelance businesses, side hustles, or startups so more people can achieve their goals and dreams. Wedo is a global freelancing platform that connects businesses with talented freelancers and agencies.

Wedo offers a wide range of services, including web design and development, graphic design, marketing, content creation, and more. With Wedo, freelancers and agencies can showcase their skills, find new clients, and earn money by completing projects.

This list includes a range of freelance jobs that can be done on a part-time or full-time basis, depending on the individual’s interests and availability.

It’s important to consider your own skills and passions when choosing a full-time freelance or side hustle job, as this can help to ensure that you find work that is both rewarding and enjoyable.


What side hustles or freelance jobs should you check out?

Side hustles or freelance jobs can be entirely remote, hybrid, or in-person, meaning your presence is required. It’s difficult to be a handyman or gardener while staying within your own four walls.

Although things are changing and if you are a handyman, some repairs could be done in a video call.

Imagine telling your client which button to push to get the heating going again will save you time and make your client very happy with the rapidity of your service.


Side hustles and full-time freelance jobs that are or can be fully remote:

  1. Graphic design: Creating visual concepts, using computer software or by hand, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers.
  2. Web design or development: Designing and building websites for businesses, organizations, or individuals.
  3. Writing or editing: Creating written content for a variety of purposes, such as marketing materials, website content, articles, or books. Editing and proofreading written content to ensure accuracy and clarity.
  4. Marketing or advertising: Developing and implementing marketing and advertising campaigns to promote products or services.
  5. Virtual assistance: Providing administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely, often via the internet.
  6. Music lessons: Providing private or group instruction in music theory, instrument playing, or vocal performance.
  7. Blogging: Creating and maintaining a blog, writing regular content, and interacting with readers.
  8. Online course creation: Developing and teaching online courses on a particular subject or skill.
  9. E-commerce or dropshipping: Setting up and managing an online store, sourcing and selling products, and fulfilling orders.
  10. Social media management: Managing a company or individual’s social media presence, including creating and scheduling posts, responding to comments and messages, and analyzing performance.
  11. Translation services: Translating written content from one language to another, ensuring that the meaning and tone are accurately conveyed.


Hybrid options:

  1. Event planning: Organizing and coordinating events, such as conferences, festivals, or parties.
  2. Photography: Capturing and editing photographs for various purposes, such as advertising, editorial, or personal use.
  3. Personal styling or fashion consulting: Advising clients on their personal style and helping them to choose clothing and accessories that suit their body type, style, and budget.
  4. Tutoring or teaching: Providing individual or group instruction to students in a particular subject area.
  5. Voiceover work: Providing voiceovers for a variety of media, such as commercials, movies, or video games.
  6. Resume writing or career coaching: Helping individuals to create effective resumes and cover letters, or providing career guidance and coaching.


In-person freelance jobs and side hustles:

  1. Home staging or interior design: Helping clients to prepare their homes for sale by creating a cohesive and appealing design, or assisting with interior design projects for personal use.
  2. Landscaping or gardening services: Maintaining and improving outdoor spaces, including designing and planting gardens, mowing lawns, and trimming bushes.
  3. Handyman or home repair services: Providing a variety of home repair and maintenance services, such as fixing leaks, painting, or assembling furniture.
  4. Cooking or baking: Providing meals or baked goods for individuals or small events.
  5. Food delivery or catering: Delivering meals or catering events, such as parties or corporate events.
  6. Personal shopping or errand running: Assisting clients with tasks such as grocery shopping, returning items, or running errands.
  7. Home cleaning or organization services: Providing cleaning and organization services for homes or offices.
  8. Lawn care or snow removal: Maintaining and improving outdoor spaces, including mowing lawns, removing snow, or planting flowers.
  9. Car detailing or washing: Providing detailing and washing services for cars.
  10. Pet grooming or pet sitting: Providing grooming services for pets or caring for pets while their owners are away.
  11. House sitting or home security checks: House sitting for individuals while they are away, or checking on homes to ensure they are secure.
  12. Renting out a spare room on Airbnb: Listing and renting out an extra room in your home on Airbnb to travelers.
  13. Renting out a car on Turo: Listing and renting out your car on Turo when you’re not using it.


Whether you’re an experienced freelancer looking to find new clients or a beginner looking to start your first side hustle, Wedo can help you to achieve your goals.

By leveraging the platform’s vast network of businesses and freelancers, you can find work that aligns with your skills and interests and start building a successful freelance career or side hustle.


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