Hurdles That Prevent Solopreneurs From Scaling – Wedo AI | Your All In One Business Tool

What are the main factors that keep solopreneurs and frelancers form scaling their business 

Here are 2 things solopreneurs need to do to scale their business:

1. Hire people

There’s only so much time for you to do everything as a 1-person business.

You need to find other people to work for you so that you can focus on bringing in more work.

2. Leverage technology

You need to make use of the communication and business tools to make your work easy.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to scale fast.

At @Wedo, we help you with both.

We’re a community-based platform where you can build your own community of peers and hire from that circle once you’re ready.

We provide you with all the tools for:
– video, audio, and text communication
– file sharing and cloud storage
– making payments to teammates and vendors

Happy scaling!

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