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Topic: How does Wedo make it easier for freelancers to ensure timely payment of invoices

Wedo Makes Getting Paid Easy

Are you a freelancer who’s fed up with chasing payments?

With @Wedo, we’re making it easy for freelancers to ensure timely payments of their invoices by automating the process for you.


Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you’ve got a milestone within your client contract.

When you hit that milestone, the system automatically invoices the client, and you get paid.

It can even kick in a letter to your client, thanking them and expressing your excitement about the next milestone.

You can pre-populate this letter for all your clients – it will change the names and send it across.

If you work hourly or have a monthly retainer, the system will send the invoice based on your contract’s agreed-upon due date and package.

It can also take care of the nuances in your contract, such as what happens if you work overtime or do extra work, whether it needs pre-approval or not, etc.

In short, @Wedo takes care of all the hassles, allowing you to focus on your work.


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