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🎉 Hey everyone! Wedo: Number one for Fintech on Product Hunt!

We at Wedo are thrilled to be the number one product of the week for Fintech on Product Hunt! For those who don’t know, Wedo is the ultimate platform for connecting businesses and organizations with skilled freelancers and service providers in a variety of fields. Whether you’re a business in need of specific services or a freelancer looking for new opportunities, Wedo has got you covered.

👽 So, if you’ve landed here:

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Wedo - Commission-free social freelance network | Product Hunt

🙌  We’re super chuffed.

It hasn’t been easy creating this platform. You know, lot’s of barriers and roadblocks over the past couple of years like regulatioins in various territories, partners not pulling through or having to shut down their business, building our own infrastructures from the ground up so it doesn’t ever happen again, plus the usual startup stuff you need to go through being a small team with a big vision like raising finance, getting through this past six months and still making warp speed progress.

🚀  Where have we landed so far on this journey? Well, we’ve got a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy for businesses to build their communities and teams, hold video and audio conferences, take payments and create contracts and even bank! For more information on what tools we provide, check out 7 Free Tools Every Freelancer Needs in 2022.

💳 Yes, our debit cards are live!

So if you’re looking to join the gig economy or simply find new opportunities to share your skills and expertise, Wedo is the place to be. And as the number one product of the week for Fintech on Product Hunt, you can trust that we’re coming into 2023 with a bang! yayyy.

Also, Don’t wait – start connecting and collaborating with businesses and individuals around the world today with Wedo today on IOS or Android