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What do freelancers need in order to run their business effectively?


Founder and CEO of Wedo, Indiana Gregg, explains the “Why” and “How” of Wedo:

Some of the pain points freelance professionals and solopreneurs face:

– Contracting and invoicing their clients,

– Chasing payments,

– Managing subscriptions,

– Receiving payments,

– Communicating via chat and video conferencing,

– Managing a calendar, etc.

To manage these, they use a bunch of expensive tools, such as:

Paypal, Zoom, Whatsapp, Calendly, etc.


Why Wedo?

 @Wedo, we supply all of these capabilities in one place.

In addition, we integrate them into a bank and issue them a debit card so they can make payments and send money in any currency.

By 2027, freelancers will constitute more than half of the global workforce.

We’re building the tools to support the future of work.


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