Behind the Scenes – Wedo AI | Your All In One Business Tool

We Like Hanging Together

It’s a geek thing. But, sometimes our team goes on the Wedo app just to chill and talk about global problems because we like to imagine and create solutions… together.
Scroll down and you can check out some of our faces, what quirks we have, and stuff we dream about.

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I’m Hannah: My time at wedo

I’m Hannah: My time at Wedo In 2020, I was working at a marketing job that did not make me happy. Due to covid, I was let go from my position. What a BLESSING that was. My dear friend works closely with a team of UX designers at his job. He suggested I look into UX

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I’m Kirsten: My time at wedo

I'm Kirsten: My time at WedoIndy (the illustrious founder of the Wedo startup sweatshop) and I go back to the time where it would say “singer/songwriter/rockstar” on her CV – if she had one. Last year I listened to her CD for the 1st time in years….  … and a few hours...

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I’m Anand: My time at Wedo

I'm Anand: My time at WedoWedo’- the term is enough to excite me! With ‘Wedo’, it feels like I am really doing something big that can add value to all modern users. It was a very pleasant starting when Indy asked me to be a part of this beautiful journey. I have...

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I’m David: My time at wedo

I'm David: My time at WedoI do … you do … we do … or should I say “Wedo”? What do you do? What do Wedo? What do you do at Wedo? So many questions, and I wonder if a lifetime will be long enough to answer them all. It was Friday June 5, 2020, an otherwise unremarkable...

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I’m Karl: My time at wedo

Originally introduced by a mutual friend, I was attending an interview for what I thought was for Personal Assistant, but by the end of an almost 2-hour long interview – Indy said she didn´t want a PA, as that job had already been assigned, but would I consider being an Executive Assistant… “Oh and could I start on Monday the following week” …

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I’m Priscila: My time at wedo

Indy and I were in a cafeteria in a Mediterranean town after talking on the phone, mixing languages (English, French & Spanish), and sharing our feeling´s. The cafeteria was called Black Pork, and at first, I thought it might not be a good omen to go to a ham and chorizo bar if I have not eaten meat for more than ten years. I was wrong.

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