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Jobs at Wedo

Senior UX designer

Turning the complex into simple is one of your super powers. You have a way with making interfaces feel effortless. Your design skills are epic and you love a challenge. You are detailled but possess flare and personality. You love to collaborate and create winning products with a team. Well, we have a dream job for you. Send us your CV, cover letter and a paragraph about why your super powers matter:

Project manager

You’re fiercely organized and know how to keep teams on track. You set reasonable but agressive goals and you love working with outstanding people who are passionate about what they do and deliver excellent results. You like to create sprints and roadmaps and see how they turn into amazing progress for the teams and individuals you work with. Send your CV, cover letter and a paragraph about how you empathize and motivate teams through your organizational skills.

PR specialist

You have a knack for copy and words that scream ‘read me’ off the page. You hoover people’s eyeballs into a whirlwind of love. Your copy sells and converts, and you have the gift of gab with the press? Well, we have a job for you. Send us your CV, cover letter and one paragraph about your super powers today.

Python developer

You’re an ML/AI junkie and you love to create better user stories via data. You have great coding skills and you train your robot to make decisions for you in your free time. This is the job for you. Please send us your CV and cover letter and tell us about your super powers by clicking the button below. 

Graphic designer / animator

You love to create and you have a showreel that rocks. Anticipation, action and counteraction, accent, phrasing, spacing, bounce, are what makes you want to wake up in the morning. You like working with creative people and you are disicplined and organized. Send your CV, cover letter and why you love to animated today:

Copy writer / Funnel hacker

You create funnels and write irresistilbe copy. You’re fast & furious but pay attention to detail. You love creating landing pages and have a knack for what should go on them…. hesitate now longer. Send us your CV, cover letter and four sentences about your super power today.