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15 Tech Leaders Share Advice For New Entrepreneurs In The Tech Space


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With its speed of evolution, there’s always room in the tech industry for new players—but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to launch a tech startup. As with a new business in any industry, a brilliant idea is just the start; getting it up and running takes a lot of hard work and hustle. And in the tech industry, with new players coming in every day, the revolutionary idea you have today may be brought to market by someone else tomorrow—or it may be so cutting-edge the current market has no use for it at all.

Still, with its flexibility, speed and interconnectedness, the tech industry offers plenty of opportunity for entrepreneurs who plan wisely. Many of the members of Forbes Technology Council have successfully launched startups of their own. Below, 15 of them share their best pieces of advice for an entrepreneur launching a tech company in today’s super-competitive marketplace.

13. Understand The Time Commitment Needed

Make sure your tech solves a real pain point or is so innovative that it blazes a new trail. You will need to spend copious hours on the project for at least a year or two, so make sure that the idea you have is something worth giving up a good piece of your life for and is fueled by a passion to truly help solve a problem in the market. – Indiana (Indy) Gregg, Wedo