FinTech Times Article: Women in Fintech – Wedo AI | Your All In One Business Tool

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Fintech Times, 29th October 2021

Indy Gregg, Founder and CEO, Wedo

“I don’t really have financial goals. My goals are all about solving problems. I want to help more people. Money is a by-product of creating value for others. We win when we deliver stuff that helps solve problems for people.” – Indiana Gregg, CEO Wedo.

“So, I tend to use the money to measure how much people love something or want to use something because that product or service truly improves their life. The only personal expectation I put on myself is to never give up. Life is a bit like a slot machine, you have to keep pulling down that arm over and over again because you know if you keep trying, you’ll eventually have a pay-out.

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