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Fintech Tool ‘Wedo’ Makes It Easy to Start an Online Business Indy gregg Tech entrepreneur

David Thompson, Tech Times 1st

In response to a growing demand from tech-savvy Millennials and Gen Zs for easy-to-use online tools to run their lives and businesses, Fintech has become a rapidly growing market segment. The increase in the number of fintech companies and startups is thus not surprising. Currently, the total size of the rapidly growing online business market is $4T globally. This number is expected to grow rapidly, as more and more people choose to quit their jobs to work from home, from anywhere, or try to build a side-business online.

Founded by Indiana Gregg, Wedo is serving that market by providing a seamless social video application that helps people transact and earn online. The platform is mobile and web-based to keep the barriers of entry low. Anyone with knowledge to share and a smartphone can start their online business and collect a payment for the service they provide. As the world moves more towards a knowledge-based economy and transacting on knowledge and services, Wedo provides all the tools startup entrepreneurs need to monetize their skills.

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