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Save The Future: How Strong Communities At Work Matter

Not so long ago, the BBC published an article about corporate culture with this pull quote: “Many employees thrive in high-pressure work environments. But ruthless cultures can poison the well, eroding well-being and ultimately driving out workers.”

In a world where corporations can sack their workforce on the fly, it’s not surprising that the “Great Resignation” is a real problem many companies are facing. According to an analysis of 1.4 million reviews on Glassdoor, toxic workplaces—where employees are pitted against each other—were ranked the No. 1 reason for resignations from U.S. companies last year.

It’s 2022, but even as we have access to more talent, knowledge, skills and innovation than at any point in the history of humankind, we’re still making the same mistakes and perpetuating poor conditions instead of working towards a more positive future of work. When it comes to corporate culture, the environment that leadership creates has a direct correlation to how their teams react. From the negative thoughts that these environments create to the physical and mental impact—namely a lack of productivity—a toxic culture will inevitably directly impact the health of individuals within an organization.