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Interview Indiana Gregg Music Star, Building one of the first Music Social Networks, Business woman Sports Wellness, UI UX Indiana Gregg is a force of nature capable of adapting and changing as both an artist, product designer and entrepreneur and business women.

Indian Gregg was born in Terre Haute, USA. Indiana is a singer-songwriter, social impact and tech entrepreneur living between Lenzie near Glasgow, Scotland and Spain. Her music career run for some years and she had elements of pop, soul and folk. Indiana was also founder and director of, a social networking platform and artist aggregation and marketplace that was launched in 2008 and bought-out in 2010. The model for which changed the face of the music industry today.


Indiana Gregg is a multi-preneur executive and creative visionary. Founder/director of the world’s first streaming and download music marketplace which connected artists and bands to labels, managers, vendors, venues, equipment and catering. Kerchoonz grew to thousands of labels and 14M users within the space of two years and was it’s own ecosystem as the first social networking marketplace for the music industry.…

Also notable as an singer-songwriter and the ‘woman who took on the Pirate Bay.’ In a career spanning over 20 years, Indiana Gregg has worked and lead teams in the tech, fintech, real estate, music industry, fashion and cosmetic industries, and consulted show-stopping brands like LVMH, IKEA and Sony to name a few.

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