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“This company is about creating a fair environment and equal opportunity, and we should be able to do that no matter where you are. If you’re human, and you have a device you can use, then you should be able to have access to those opportunities.”

Some lines from our most recent guest Indiana “Indy” Gregg, as she passionately talks about the rise of online marketplaces.

Indy is a singer-songwriter, multi-preneur executive, and creative visionary grounded in tech. She is the Founder/director of Kerchoonz - the world’s first streaming and download music marketplace which connected artists and bands to labels, managers, vendors, venues, equipment, and catering.

Now, she’s preparing to launch a neo-bank for the freelance economy – Wedo. In a career spanning over 20 years, she has worked and lead teams in the tech, fintech, real estate, music industry, fashion, and cosmetic industries, and consulted show-stopping brands.

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Nowadays, we are bound by technology. From music, to banking, to shopping to task management and outsourcing partnerships. This era has brought about the expansion of opportunities and numerous possibilities for entrepreneurs. This era has given rise to online marketplaces.
In this episode we talk about:
• (0:37) About Indiana Gregg.
• (5:00) How long it takes for Indy to build a full-pledged marketplace
• (7:05) Is Wedo an alternative to Fiver or Upwork?
• (5:44) The leadership mentoring journey.
• (9:34) Inspiration of Indy in her business concepts
• (13:54) Does Indy outsource or work with in-house team?
• (15:51) The similarities of Kerchoonz and Wedo.
• (17:00) Learning things from the past and doing things differently at present
• (19:06) Regulatory coverage of Wedo
• (22:13) The lessons Indy learned from music industry that she applied in her current business
• (27:06) How did Indy balance being a musician, an entrepreneur, and a mother
• (31:41) Company values that Indy is trying to implement and uphold in her business
• (33:43) Money does not drive people
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