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Scale Your Fitness Business


Wedo helps you scale your online personal training business with an all-in-one integrated platform


A world of  possibilities with

 From  nutrition guides to live or remote classes, monetize your expertise and reach a global audience from anywhere, automate invoices, payments and contracts and build the business of your dreams

Showcase and Sell Your Content

Sell your best training content in your portfolio. Managing your bookings has never been easier. 

Create Engaging Online Events

Take your personal training to the next level with’s Live Video Alleys. Host live online training sessions 

Build a Thriving Community

 Showcase your training expertise, provide insights into your teaching style, and build your tribe.

One easy platform

that works for you

With, you have the freedom to define your own work terms. Set your rates, choose between hourly sessions, package deals, or subscription models. Get paid securely and conveniently.

Find your tribe


Use’s Inquiry feature to reach out to potential clients and initiate conversations. Showcase your training expertise, provide insights into your teaching style, and demonstrate how you can create a customized fitness experience for them.


Connect with fellow personal trainers in the community. Share insights, learn from others, and collaborate on projects. Together, we can elevate the freelance fitness industry and support each other’s growth.


It’s time to unleash the full potential of your fitness expertise. Join, sell your content from your portfolio, and create captivating live events using Wedo’s Live Video Alleys.

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As an early tester on the platform, I can say that has made it super easy to deliver content and motivate my clients.

Sophia Van Hessen makes it easy for me to sell my classes and get paid online no matter where I am.

Christine Nichols

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