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I’m Akash: My time at Wedo

Someone was whispering in my ear and saying, “Hey wake up! There’s something special for you!” I woke up and joined work as usual but didn’t get have a clue that something special like ‘Wedo’ was waiting for me. My team, especially Anand Singh, included me in this project and suddenly I felt that ‘yes’, there’s something challenging. The entire journey is pretty exciting. But the most exciting thing is that the Wedo platform is all about creating growth opportunities for individuals, for everyone. It’s really amazing to now hold the senior mobile app developer position for Wedo. Every software developer has some projects that they will never forget. I think Wedo is going to be one of those for me because of its wide potential and socially meaningful concept.  

Akash The Gamer
I have some creative hobbies that I really enjoy such as gaming, eSports, pencil sketches, playing guitar, and photography. I am a hardcore gamer and like to play both console and PC games. Actually, I like to be creative and whenever I get a bit of time to relax, I invest my ‘me time’ into these things. I really enjoy all these activities, and I feel Wedo is offering amazing scope to be creative again. 
The journey begins  

The beginning days were full of excitement. Countless meetings to attend. My development journey was smooth and for that, I am really thankful to Anand Singh. He made me understand the concept as well as the roadmap. While working with the entire Wedo team, I felt that everyone has one common dream, which is ensuring the success of Wedo.   

The initial days were about crafting and finalizing the design. My team and I went into creating the UI of the Wedo mobile app. After that, we proceeded with development and included some amazing features.  


Challenges and achievements for me at Wedo  

I have said that here I am a senior mobile app developer and as such, along with my work, I had to keep a close eye on my team’s progress, motivate them, and guide them accordingly. It has been a super collaborative time. To advance our career we need to develop skills to keep teams productive and Wedo has offered the opportunity to master those skills to me.  

If I look at challenges, I can say that during the initial days, there were a few challenges, such as keeping the team on the same page and defining the goals and objectives of each team member. But now everything is sorted. We have a clear sight of what our objective is.  

The Wedo development days  

It was a very meaningful moment when one of my seniors asked me to become a senior app developer for Wedo. At that moment, I felt that they believe in my abilities and that’s why they offered such a great project full of ups and downs.  

In this domain, I have more than 5 years of experience, I am quite confident about my skills and abilities. And it feels great when my seniors are confident about abilities. In all honesty, I am doing nothing for the very first time here, but I am doing things differently with my team and that’s very enjoyable for me.  

Being the app developer at Wedo, I am engaged with all technological areas to ensure the best result. I always try to remain focused so that achieving success becomes easy for the entire team. I aim to perform with zero error and collaborate well with all team members so that there is no gap. A communication gap can cause misunderstandings, which then affects the roadmap and final product.  

What’s so special about Wedo? 
Why am I glad about this opportunity?  

Wedo has the potential to develop a separate economy and various earning scopes for individuals from all levels of society. The concept has the strength to prove that if we can develop it correctly, it’s going to be the next breakthrough in the world of video and audio chat software apps.  

I am proud to play an active part in the next amazing software that will create various earning opportunities for people. The pandemic has caused a recession, many people have lost their jobs. In such a time, Wedo seems the savior with the potential of creating new job opportunities and a separate economy.  

A platform like Wedo is for everyone. It gives us a much better feel when we realize that the platform will be for many people instead of a specific group of people. Average software projects target a group of users but Wedo is definitely different and that’s where I feel the most excitement.  

I always wanted to do something bigger for humans and look for scope. Thankfully Wedo brought this scope to me where I can pursue my skills and dreams at the same time.  

Being a tech-lover, I have no motivation or wish to say no to such an amazing opportunity. Working at Wedo feels like riding the bike to offbeat places where pleasures have not been explored by anyone yet and I am there to explore everything for the very first time. 

I am really happy and confident to work for Wedo and wish to see its bigger success soon.  

Thank You  

 A weird fun fact I can say you about me  

Being a senior developer, I always have many responsibilities to tackle. But whenever there’s a game launch of my interest, I will subscribe/buy that. Even if I may not get time to play it, still, I will buy it. This happens again and again! There’s no sign of improvement!