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I’m Anand: My time at Wedo

Wedo’- the term is enough to excite me! With ‘Wedo’, it feels like I am really doing something big that can add value to all modern users. It was a very pleasant starting when Indy asked me to be a part of this beautiful journey. I have worked with Indy’s husband and that experience made me interested to work with Indy. I felt enthusiastic about becoming the Chief Technology Officer at ‘Wedo’, but it is also a challenge. I must say it was a very good starting with all ‘Wedo’ members as here I got a very big scope to showcase my skills, expertise, and to pursue my dream.


The design days 

I can still remember how engaging the meetings are with all ‘Wedo; members. Sophia and Hannah (UX) design beautifully. We all have the one same dream and that is making ‘Wedo’ the next breakthrough platform. That’s why we are all were very picky and serious about the design. We have taken so many design change decisions to be 100% sure. We communicate, convey what we feel, we exchange ideas, and we all put effort to achieve something really big. If you ask what I can never forget in my life about ‘Wedo; it’s the team spirit. It is true that I have worked on many projects, but somehow it feels very special to me, and the team spirit always cheers me up.

I got deeply involved with the design team so that we can produce something 100% beautiful and error-free. While having a good time with the design team, we also started the development to reach the success point faster. TBH, if I ever feel a bit anxious or not sure about the next step, the team spirit and motivating communication made me feel better and more energized to do something great for Wedo.


The CTO journey begins

I really felt very proud and honored when Indy asked me to be the CTO here. I am here to take care of all technical areas so that users can enjoy something superior with us.

Having more than 10 years of experience in developing scalable web and mobile applications, I feel quite confident in my ability to perform the duties of a CTO at Wedo. It is not that I am doing it for the very first time, I have done it earlier and doing something I believe in for Wedo too.

I believe in innovation and making all steps of an organization truly future-proof and doing the same at Wedo. I entirely believe that creating opportunities cannot be possible if there is no room for innovation. Being the Chief Technology Officer, I always try to enable innovation in every area of the project so that we can develop something bigger and add head-turning benefits to users.

Wedo aims to create a separate economy and power individuals to grow professionally. Wedo can create opportunities for all types of persons. And that’s why I aim to make it technically perfect.

Being the CTO at Wedo, now I am engaged in all technical areas to bring the common good. I ensure that the strategic focus of this project is maintained, so that turning this amazing concept into reality becomes easy for all of us. I prefer being more accurate in all terms as I manage all associated departments. Serving the current and future corporate technological needs are my basic focus to ensure the quick success of Wedo.

The challenges and risks Wedo make me feel so adventurous. Whenever I ride in offbeat hilly places, I feel the same sensation and they really bring my vigor back.

Why did I accept this opportunity?

Well, saying no to any big opportunity is not my cup of tea. Even if the task is full of risk, yet I can say YES if I find something unique and beneficial for our society. And I felt the same when I heard about the Wedo concept.

It makes me happy that I am going to be an active part of the project that aims to create growth opportunities for people from every corner of society. When the world is undergoing so many changes, recession, and a pandemic, such a noble step really gives me energy. I must say it gave me a new hope to do good for a lot of people directly and indirectly.

Whenever I discuss this opportunity with ‘Wedo’ with other people, we agree that creating opportunities for others, makes us feel better than putting our hands on an average project. It feels like creating an amazing Netflix series as well as enjoying it at the same time.

While discussing the concept of Wedo with all Wedo members, I feel that here I will get a lot of things to explore as well as learn. I love to travel and explore many offbeat places and know many unknown things. I had the same adventurous feeling while coming to understand the Wedo concept.

Being a tech-enthusiastic guy, there is no chance of my missing an opportunity like Wedo. I am happy, I am confident, and I believe ‘Wedo’ makes things BETTER! I’m determined to see Wedo in the bigger picture soon!

Thank You

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