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I’m Sajal: My time at Wedo

I can well relate to the term ‘Wedo’. Yes, we do things together to achieve something great. The concept of Wedo is amazing, as it revolves around creating great opportunities for individuals. It will help connect every business to the world of users and customers with less effort. With Wedo communication is better than ever. When I heard about the project and joined as backend developer, it felt really great. It’s like meeting new opportunities and challenges at the same time. This project is giving me the opportunity to prove all the skills, knowledge, and experience I have gained over the years.

The journey starts at Wedo

When my team and seniors explained the concept and features of the product, I was very enthusiastic to start working on it. Obviously, the entire Wedo team and I have gone through numerous meetings, emails, and text messages to decide the best way to ensure the success of Wedo.

The most special thing I have learned from the Wedo project is that I have integrated the live broadcasting video call function for the app. This is the biggest achievement of my whole career from this project. It was pretty challenging initially, but my skills, confidence, and obviously support from the entire team have allowed me to succeed. If anyone seeks projects that ensure career advancement, I would recommend looking for Wedo-like projects.

The challenges and achievements made my career better
It’s true that if there’s no challenge, there’s no scope to grow. I am excited about the concept and final look of Wedo. Although challenges have not been that painful as the concept is so exciting. It always feels like I am close to something BIG & BETTER.

The most prominent achievement is that I have learned how to enable live video broadcasting function for such a software system. This is one of the notable achievements of my 5 years of backend developer career.

When it comes to challenges, I can say that the deadlines are very tight. I need to research a lot. Researching tons of things and completing the task within the deadline was quite hectic for me during the initial days. But now I am finely tuned with the timeline of this project.

What’s so special about Wedo?
Why am I glad about this opportunity?

Obviously, the concept and challenges are the driving factors that made me say YES. The pandemic has created a huge recession and tough times for all of us. There’s a solid need for a separate economy to make lives better and Wedo has the potential to create this, where everyone grows in the way he/she wants and there will be no middleman barrier to connecting with all target audiences.

The sufferings of people during the pandemic made me promise myself that I will do something helpful for them. I was actively looking for possibilities to achieve this, but never thought my work would provide this opportunity. When Anand explained the project and its potential, I immediately saw that it provides the scope that I was searching for.

Among all challenges and scopes of learning new things, there were some awesome moments with the entire Wedo team that served as stressbusters. We are highly collaborative and always there whenever a teammate needs our support.

The project has made me realize that if something is needed to succeed in such a pandemic-suffering world, it is willpower and strong team bonding. I can guarantee that each member of the team has the wish to make this project successful and everyone is putting in a major effort accordingly.

I think every developer should work on such a project at least once in his/her developer career journey.

A weird fun fact I can say you about me

I have a very awkward habit of staring at next-gen bikes on the road. It has happened many times that I am with my friends and I am totally out of my mind and not responding to them because I was staring at other people’s bikes. After some minutes, I get my sense back or they just start laughing and male me realize that I am doing something awkward! My love for bikes doesn’t let me get over this!