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At @Wedo, we work in cycles of sprints.

Here’s what it looks like:

Our sprints are usually 90-day long.

We break that goal into 3 months.

We work for 4 weeks and then take a break, assess things, and plan the next mini sprint.

We also weigh in once a week to check:
– What was good about the week? What was bad?
– Which process can we improve upon?
– How can we fix something before it gets too far down the line?

Here are the benefits of working in cycles of sprints:

1. Clear goals

It’s a great way to set goals and then break those down into granular KPIs so that everyone understands their role and what they need to get done within a certain cycle.

2. Regular assessment

You could go fast and furious and build something and then realize that you haven’t built it as you should have.

This way of working allows us to regularly assess our progress to ensure that we’re on the right track and make adjustments quickly when we decide that we aren’t.

This helps us be more agile.

3. Communication

Working in cycles of sprints helps us:
– keeps people in touch with each
– find out what they’re struggling with
– give people a high-five when they achieve their goals

If this working style appeals to you, feel free to reach out to us.

We’re hiring for technology, marketing, and UI UX development roles.

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