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Terms and conditions


Please carefully review the Terms of Service (“Terms”) and Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) as they constitute the legal framework governing your engagement with the website at Wedo.ai  (the “Site”) and our associated marketplace, and services (collectively, the “Platform”) offered by Wedo.ai Inc. (“Wedo.ai”, “we”, “us”). The term “Contractor” refers to the vendor of products and/or services, while the term “Client” pertains to the purchaser of these offerings. Collectively, Contractors, Clients, and their respective agents, employees, and representatives are referred to as “Users” (or “You”). For readability, the Site and services are collectively denoted as the “Platform.”


By accepting these Terms, you consent, with limited exceptions, to resolve any disagreements with WEDO.AI through binding, individual arbitration instead of in court. Please examine Section 20 “DISPUTE RESOLUTION” carefully for detailed information on arbitration procedures.

1. User’s Agreement

Your use of the website and application(s)  wedo.ai signifies your binding agreement to these Terms, adherence to all relevant laws and regulations, and assumes responsibility for compliance with local laws. If you dissent from any of the Terms herein, you are expressly prohibited from utilizing or accessing the Site. Should you access or use the Platform on behalf of a company or other legal entity, you affirm your authority to obligate said entity to these Terms, with “you” and “your” consequently referring to that entity.


2. Eligibility for Platform Use

The Platform is accessible exclusively to individuals who are at least 18 years of age or the age of majority in their jurisdiction, able to enter into legally binding contracts, and not prohibited from using the Platform under any applicable laws. The Platform is intended solely for business-related activities and is not for personal or consumer usage. By establishing a Profile Account on Wedo.ai, you represent your business operations as either an independent contractor, sole proprietor, or as an authorized employee or agent of a business entity (e.g., corporation, limited liability company, etc.), and you agree to: (a) use the Platform strictly for business purposes, (b) adhere to all applicable business licenses, registrations, or other statutory requirements, and (c) ensure compliance with any relevant regulations concerning your provision of services to Clients. The sale of tangible, non-digital goods is not facilitated by the Platform.

3. Privacy Policy

We urge you to review our Privacy Policy for details on our data collection, usage, and sharing practices. If you are not in agreement with the terms of the Privacy Policy, you should refrain from visiting our website or using the Platform.


4. Amendments to Terms or Platform

The Terms may be revised at our sole discretion periodically. Should any modifications occur, we will announce them on the Site and may send additional notifications. Regularly reviewing the Terms is crucial, especially following updates or during your use of the Platform. Continued use of the Site after amendments signifies your acceptance of the new Terms. If you do not consent to the updated Terms, your right to use the Platform is revoked. We reserve the right to modify or cease any part of the Platform without prior notice, at our discretion.

5. Third-Party Service Terms

Our Platform employs the services of third-party providers for certain features. Usage of the Platform signifies your acceptance of these third parties’ service terms. Notably, this includes Stripe for payment processing and user identity verification, and Persona for user identity verification. Access their service terms at the following links: Stripe Legal and Persona Terms of Service. For US users, Stripe’s services are subject to the terms outlined at Stripe’s US terms. UK users are governed by Stripe UK terms, and EU users by Stripe EU terms. Users must adhere to these respective terms.

Establishing a profile or utilizing the Platform is contingent upon your comprehension, acknowledgment, and agreement to both Wedo.ai’s and these third parties’ Terms of Service.

6. Relationship Between the Parties


The Platform provided by Wedo.ai facilitates connections between Users to engage in service transactions and payment transfers via a designated third-party payment processor. Wedo.ai is neither an employer nor a partner of any User and does not control or direct User activities related to their Platform obligations. Users acknowledge that Wedo.ai is not liable for verifying User Content accuracy or legality; it does not involve itself in the performance or procurement of Contractor services; nor does it guarantee the quality or existence of such services. Furthermore, engagement through the Platform does not establish an employment, agency, or joint venture relationship between Wedo.ai and any Contractor. Contractors act as the seller of record for transactions conducted on the Platform, with Wedo.ai remaining a neutral facilitator, not a party to, nor having any vested interest in, the transactions or agreements between Contractors and Clients.


Wedo.ai retains the right to terminate or suspend any User for violating these and, while it may assist in resolving disputes between Users, it is under no obligation to do so. You acknowledge that any disputes with other Users regarding breach of Terms are to be resolved independently of Wedo.ai, which bears no responsibility or liability for such disputes or any other User conduct.

7. Suitability of Project and Project Terms


It is the Users’ responsibility, not Wedo.ai’s, to assess the viability of any project, Client, or Contractor; to decide on entering agreements with other Users; to verify User information and to negotiate and execute service agreements. Users are to monitor the fulfillment of these agreements, for which Wedo.ai holds no responsibility but is acknowledged as a third-party beneficiary with the right to enforce its terms.

8. Worker Classification


Clients must independently determine the appropriate classification of Contractors engaged through the Platform and ensure such determinations comply with relevant laws and regulations. This agreement does not constitute a partnership, joint venture, franchise relationship, or an employer-employee relationship between Wedo.ai and any User.

9. User Accounts


To engage with our Platform, Users are required to create an account, entailing the submission of personal and business information that is publicly displayed upon completion of the profile. Users must ensure that all provided information is truthful, comprehensive, and updated as necessary. Failure to maintain accurate information may lead to account suspension or termination. User account registration undergoes review by Wedo.ai and its content moderation partners, and account security is the User’s responsibility, including the confidentiality of login credentials and prompt reporting of unauthorized account activity.

10. Verification of Identity


Users consent to the use of their information by Wedo.ai and third parties for verifying location, identity, email, financial details, and business ownership, although this does not obligate Wedo.ai to undertake such verifications.


11. Types of Accounts


Users may register either as a Client, intended for hiring Contractors, or as a Contractor, for offering freelance services. The Platform allows Users to switch roles between Client and Contractor as required by their business needs within the application.


12. Feedback Provision


Your contributions through feedback, comments, insights, and suggestions are valued as they foster Platform enhancements. By submitting feedback, you grant us the unencumbered right to utilize it without any restrictions or obligation for compensation.


13. License to Users

13.1. Rights Retention: The exclusive ownership of all rights, title, and interest in the Platform, encompassing associated intellectual property, is held by Wedo.ai and its licensors. You acknowledge the protection of these rights under applicable copyright, trademark, and other legal jurisdictions both within the United States and internationally. You are committed to not altering, concealing, or misappropriating any intellectual property rights notices embedded in or accompanying the Platform.


13.2. Granted Use: Conditional upon your adherence to these Terms and relevant third-party service provider agreements, Wedo.ai extends to you a non-exclusive and non-transferable license for Platform use. Within the scope of this license, you shall refrain from:

13.2.1. Altering or replicating Platform content or software;

13.2.2. Employing the Platform for any form of public or private commercial use;

13.2.3. Engaging in any reverse engineering attempts on Wedo.ai’s software;

13.2.4. Removing any proprietary notices from the Platform materials;

13.2.5. Distributing the materials or making them available on alternate servers (“mirroring”).


13.3. General Restrictions and Enforcement Authority:

You are prohibited from engaging in actions that:

13.3.1. Infringe upon or violate any third-party intellectual property or privacy rights;

13.3.2. Contravene any laws or regulations or could lead to legal liability;

13.3.3. Are deceitful, defamatory, obscene, discriminatory, or otherwise objectionable;

13.3.4. Encourage or enact violence or harmful activities;

13.3.5. Utilize the Platform’s branding or proprietary information without express written consent from Wedo.ai;

13.3.6. Infiltrate or use non-public aspects of the Platform or associated systems;

13.3.7. Probe or test the vulnerabilities of the Platform’s systems or breach security measures;

13.3.8. Circumvent any measures intended to protect the Platform;

13.3.9. Access or index the Platform by any means other than those provided or allowed by standard search engines or browsers;

13.3.10. Send or initiate unsolicited communications or misuse Platform communication tools;

13.3.11. Incorporate Wedo.ai’s branding in any hidden text or metadata without express written approval;

13.3.12. Exploit the Platform for unauthorized commercial activities;

13.3.13. Forge packet headers or manipulate identifiers to disguise the origin of transmitted content;

13.3.14. Disassemble or reverse engineer any Platform software;

13.3.15. Disrupt or overload the Platform, or engage in activities that would detrimentally affect others’ access to the Platform;

13.3.16. Harvest or collect any personally identifiable information from the Platform without consent;

13.3.17. Falsely represent yourself or affiliate with any individual or entity;

13.3.18. Violate any laws or regulations in connection with your use of the Platform;

13.3.19. Encourage or facilitate others to perform any of the prohibited acts listed.


13.4. Account Monitoring and Management


Wedo.ai is under no obligation to oversee the use of the Platform or to edit any User Content but maintains the right to do so to ensure the smooth operation of the Platform, We reserve the right, without obligation, to remove or restrict access to content that we deem inappropriate or in breach of these Terms at our discretion, without notice. We may also investigate and work with law enforcement authorities to prosecute users who violate applicable laws.


13.5. Fraud and Prohibited Conduct


Without limiting the scope of these Terms or our legal rights, in the event User engages in fraudulent activity or disrupts the fair operation of the Platform (such as providing false or misleading information), we reserve the right to take actions that may include, but are not limited to: (i) removing User Content; (ii) cancelling any of the User’s pending transactions; (iii) reversing or charging back transactions; (iv) withholding due payments; (v) imposing restrictions on transactions; (vi) recouping costs incurred by Wedo.ai due to the User’s actions; and (vi) suspending or terminating the User’s account. If a transaction is cancelled or reversed due to suspected fraud, the Client will forfeit any claim to the related services or work product.


13.6. License Termination


Your license to use the Platform may be revoked upon breach of these restrictions and may also be ended by Wedo.ai at any discretion.

13.7. Premium Subscription Services


Upon purchasing any of our premium subscription services, you agree to pay all applicable fees and taxes and to adhere to additional terms specific to these services. Non-payment of these fees will lead to subscription termination. Additionally, you acknowledge that:

13.7.1. Currency conversion fees or price variations due to location may apply to your purchase.

13.7.2. To prevent service interruptions, our third-party payment processor may store and charge your payment method, even if expired, for ongoing services or new purchases.

13.7.3. Subscriptions renew automatically, and to avoid subsequent charges, you must cancel before the next renewal cycle.

13.7.4. You can cancel or suspend premium services as per the provided cancellation procedure, with termination taking effect after the last paid subscription period.

13.7.5. Subscription fees, whether monthly or annual, are non-refundable, with access continuing until the end of the paid term and automatic renewal being cancelled.

13.7.6. Taxes will be assessed based on the billing information you supply at purchase.


14. Client Specific Terms


14.1 Content Management: Wedo.ai reserves the right to remove or restrict visibility of any job postings, project invitations, or queries. Furthermore, Wedo.ai may, at its discretion, block a Client’s procurement of services or suspend or terminate a Client’s account to ensure compliance with applicable laws, third-party agreements, Wedo.ai Policies, and the Terms of Service. It is the Client’s obligation to adhere to these standards; Wedo.ai is not responsible for auditing Client compliance.


14.2 Data Responsibility: Clients guarantee compliance with all relevant legal provisions, particularly concerning data protection. Clients must ensure they have obtained all necessary legal permissions to allow Wedo.ai to process any personal data submitted to the platform (“Client Data”), and that such use is permissible under data protection laws.


14.3 Processing Fees: Any services purchased will incur a processing fee by our designated third-party payment processor, which may necessitate the provision of additional payment-related details, such as credit card information and billing contacts (“Payment Information”).


14.4 Authorization of Payment Methods: Clients affirm they are legally authorized to use the payment methods represented by the submitted Payment Information.


14.5 Transaction Verification: Upon initiating a transaction, Clients will provide Payment Information to third-party processors to facilitate the payment, including any taxes and additional fees. Clients may be required to supply further details for identity verification as part of this Payment Information.


14.6 Finality of Payments: Payments made for transactions are final and are not subject to refunds or exchanges unless explicitly stated within these Terms.

15. Contractor Specific Terms


15.1 Service Management: Wedo.ai maintains the authority to remove or conceal any Contractor services, halt sales, or suspend or terminate a Contractor’s account to ensure compliance with the law, third-party agreements, internal policies, and these Terms. Contractors are accountable for their own compliance with these regulations.


15.2 Contractor Data Compliance: Contractors affirm their commitment to legal compliance concerning any personal data provided to Wedo.ai (“Contractor Data”), including securing all necessary legal authorizations for processing by Wedo.ai. Contractor Data may be retained as part of routine business data management or to satisfy legal retention requirements.


15.3 Insurance Obligations: Contractors acknowledge their sole responsibility to obtain any legally required insurance coverage, such as liability or workers’ compensation insurance. Contractors recognize that they are not entitled to any insurance coverage from Wedo.ai and must independently ensure their compliance with relevant insurance mandates.


16. User Content


16.1 Content Sharing: The Platform may permit you to upload or distribute content such as text, images, audio, video, and other forms of data (“User Content”). Wedo.ai does not assert ownership over User Content. These Terms do not constrain any proprietary rights you may hold regarding your User Content.


16.2 Content Licensing: When you provide User Content on the Platform, you grant Wedo.ai a non-exclusive, transferable, worldwide license without royalty fees, with the option to grant sublicenses. This license allows Wedo.ai to use, replicate, adapt, distribute, and publicly showcase your User Content as part of the Platform’s operation and its promotion.


16.3 Content Accountability: You bear full responsibility for the User Content you submit. You affirm that you possess (and will continue to possess) all necessary rights to bestow upon us the license to use your User Content as outlined in these Terms. You assert that your User Content complies with all relevant laws, including but not limited to FTC and FEC rules. You guarantee that your User Content does not infringe on any third party’s intellectual property or privacy rights and does not breach any laws. If a third-party intellectual property claim arises due to your User Content, or related to your products/services as a Contractor, you acknowledge that such claimants will seek remedies directly from you, and you agree to indemnify Wedo.ai for any legal fees incurred due to such claims.


16.4 Content Removal: You have the option to delete your User Content. However, it’s possible that remnants of your User Content may persist on the Platform despite removal attempts. Wedo.ai is not liable for the incomplete deletion of User Content, to the fullest extent permitted by law.


16.5 Platform Intellectual Property: Content provided by Wedo.ai on the Platform is protected by intellectual property rights, which are retained by Wedo.ai.


16.6 Feedback Ownership: Any feedback, critiques, or suggestions you post becomes the exclusive property of Wedo.ai. You provide Wedo.ai with perpetual, irrevocable, global rights to such feedback. Information derived from voluntarily submitted data by Clients and Contractors does not imply Wedo.ai’s endorsement. Wedo.ai is not tasked with verifying such information and offers it for User convenience only. Providing false or misleading information is a breach of this Agreement and may lead to termination of your access to the Platform. You acknowledge that your feedback is beneficial to both Clients and Contractors and consent to its disclosure to the public.


17. User Payment Terms


17.1 Payment Options: The Platform offers several payment methods, which include:


17.1.1 Single Fixed Payment: Clients are to pay the entire agreed amount for a project as stipulated in the Services Agreement or Uploaded Agreement, in the currency agreed (USD, EUR, or GBP). Clients can opt to pay a non-refundable deposit upfront, which will be credited to the Contractor’s Wedo Money Account. However, the Contractor receives payment only after the upfront payment is processed by our third-party payment processor. The remaining balance will be held in the Contractor’s Wedo.ai wallet until the Client approves the Deliverables, or if no revision is requested within seventy-two (72) hours after delivery.


17.1.2 Hourly Rate with Cap: Clients agree to pay a ‘flat fee’ based on an hourly rate multiplied by a maximum number of work hours, as outlined in the agreement. This total fee is payable upon agreement execution. If the Contractor works less than the agreed maximum hours, the Client is entitled to a refund of the unused amount, subject to processing by the payment processors.


17.1.3 Milestone Payments: Clients will fund each milestone as defined in a mutually agreed Milestone Delivery Schedule. Payment for subsequent milestones is due upon acceptance of the prior milestone’s Deliverables. If the Client neither accepts nor requests revisions within seventy-two (72) hours of provision, the payment will be transferred to the Contractor’s Wedo.ai wallet.


17.1.4 Flexible Hourly Billing: For projects requiring variable hours, the Contractor and Client will set an hourly rate and a cap on billable hours per invoice period. Invoices are submitted by the Contractor through the Platform on an agreed schedule and are payable by the Client upon receipt or query. Note, with Variable Hourly Projects, there are no escrowed funds, and thus, a risk of non-payment exists.


17.1.5 Regular Fixed Payments: Clients pay a recurring fee, billed automatically at regular intervals as agreed (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly), with initial payments possibly adjusted pro-rata. These payments are deposited into the Contractor’s Wedo.ai wallet.


17.1.6 Invoice Without Agreement: The Platform allows Users to make payments for services via invoice without a formal agreement. Such payments are non-refundable and are not subject to dispute resolution assistance by Wedo.ai.


17.2 Payment Processing: Transactions are processed via Stripe. For US users, Stripe’s services are subject to the terms outlined at Stripe’s US terms . UK users are governed by Stripe UK terms, and EU users by Stripe EU terms. Users must adhere to these respective terms.


17.3 Processing Fees and Currency Exchange: Clients are responsible for any third-party payment processing and currency exchange fees incurred.


17.4 Tax and Regulatory Compliance: Contractors acknowledge their sole responsibility for all taxes associated with payments received via Wedo.ai’s Platform. Contractors will manage their tax obligations, including invoicing, tax reporting, and remittances. If applicable, Contractors must inform Wedo.ai of any withholding tax obligations and indemnify Wedo.ai against any related claims, including penalties and interest.


17.5 Electronic Communications Consent: Users consent to receive all communication, including tax forms like the 1099, electronically from the third-party payment processor. Users acknowledge that this consent negates the mailing of physical tax documents or related payment notifications.


18. Refunds and Chargebacks


18.1 Non-refundable Charges: The Client acknowledges that once the designated payment method is charged through the Platform for Contractor’s services as agreed upon, such charges are non-refundable except by mutual consent or as provided under these Terms. The Client further agrees to adhere to the dispute resolution procedures stipulated herein.


18.2 Prohibition on Chargebacks: The Client agrees not to initiate chargebacks against Contractor fees or other Platform-related charges. Any chargeback attempt constitutes a material breach of these Terms, authorizing Wedo.ai to dispute such chargebacks and to undertake collection efforts against the Client. This may include account suspension, legal action, and recovery of full damages and associated costs, inclusive of Wedo.ai’s legal fees and third-party penalties.


19. Project Termination


19.1 Mutual Cancellation: The Platform facilitates the termination of a project upon mutual agreement between Users. All Users agree to abide by the termination provisions set forth in their respective service or uploaded agreements and must formally conclude the project on the Platform to cease all billing activities.


20. User Dispute Resolution


20.1 Initial Resolution Efforts: In the event of a dispute, Contractors and Clients are encouraged to resolve conflicts amicably through direct communication before seeking Wedo.ai’s dispute resolution assistance.


20.2 Escrow of Prepaid Funds for Milestones: For projects with prepaid milestones, the Client must either approve the Deliverables or request revisions within seventy-two (72) hours to avoid automatic release of funds to the Contractor. Failure to act within this period will be deemed approval of the Deliverables and resolution of any dispute.


20.3 Formal Dispute Assistance:


20.3.1 For One-time and Milestone Projects: If disputes cannot be resolved directly, Users may seek Wedo.ai’s intervention within seventy-two (72) hours of the Deliverables receipt. A dispute submission will place a temporary hold on the release of project funds until either the dispute is resolved, a Request for Arbitration is not filed within a forty-five (45) day period, a settlement is reached, or a legal authority orders the release of funds.


20.3.2 For Ongoing Projects: Disputes may be raised at any point. Upon notification of a dispute, Contractors must submit an invoice for work completed up to the dispute date within forty-eight (48) hours. The dispute resolution will follow the process outlined in the Users’ agreement, and may involve Wedo.ai’s dispute resolution services. The Agreement is considered terminated upon the Client’s payment or dispute resolution.


20.3.3 Dispute Resolution Process: Upon a dispute submission, Wedo.ai will engage to support a mutually acceptable resolution. If resolution is not achieved within 14 days of dispute initiation, Wedo.ai will conclude its assistance efforts.


20.3.4 Final Dispute Resolution: Should Users fail to resolve their dispute, they must resort to the dispute resolution mechanisms such as mediation or arbitration specified in their Service Agreement, or, in the absence of such terms, default to statutory remedies.


20.3.5 International Agreements: Service agreements for Wedo.ai contractors outside the United States do not mandate arbitration. In case of disputes, the disputing party must submit the issue on the Platform to secure any prepaid funds. The Client is required to appoint an escrow agent and provide transfer instructions to Wedo.ai within three (3) months of the dispute claim. In the absence of a designated escrow agent, funds will be disbursed to the Contractor.



21. Arbitration


21.1 Users who fail to resolve their disputes within 14 days of initiating a dispute on the Wedo.ai platform and have elected arbitration as their dispute resolution mechanism in their Service Agreements must submit the dispute to binding arbitration under the rules of the American Arbitration Association. A decision awarded by the arbitrator may be enforced in any competent court. If neither User provides Wedo.ai with a Request for Arbitration within forty-five (45) days after a dispute submission, the dispute will be deemed resolved on the Platform, the project will be closed, and any pre-paid funds will be released to the Contractor, except where alternative dispute resolution methods are provided for in the Users’ service agreement.


22. Warranty Disclaimers


22.1 Wedo.ai provides the Platform on an “AS IS” basis, expressly disclaiming all warranties, whether express, implied, statutory, or otherwise. Wedo.ai specifically disclaims any warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement. No warranty is made that the Platform will function without interruption, securely, or error-free, nor that it will satisfy specific requirements or the quality, accuracy, timeliness, or reliability of any information provided.


22.2 Users acknowledge that Wedo.ai is not responsible for ensuring that payments facilitated through third-party payment processors are completed or that any payments are actually received by either party.


22.3 Wedo.ai disclaims all warranties related to the identity, behavior, or trustworthiness of Users and assumes no liability for Users’ adherence to these Terms or applicable laws.


22.4 Wedo.ai will not be liable for any failure or delay in its performance under these Terms due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including, but not limited to, labor disputes, strikes, lockouts, shortages of labor, energy, materials, or supplies, as well as acts of God, war, terrorism, civil disturbances, or governmental action.


23. Service Agreement Disclaimer


23.1 The use of Wedo.ai’s Service Agreement template is provided at the User’s discretion and is not a mandatory component of the Platform’s services. Users should ensure that terms of the Service Agreement template are appropriate and legally compliant for their jurisdiction.


23.2 Wedo.ai holds no liability regarding the Service Agreement template or outcomes related to its use. This includes any losses or liabilities incurred due to the application or interpretation of the template terms in Users’ projects.


23.3 Wedo.ai’s Service Agreement template is furnished as a courtesy and is not a substitute for professional legal advice. Users are advised to seek independent legal counsel to ensure that terms of the template are well-suited for their specific business needs and legal circumstances.

24. Indemnification


24.1 Users agree to indemnify and hold harmless Wedo.ai and its affiliates from any claims, liabilities, or expenses, including legal fees, arising from the use of the Platform, their content, service agreements, or any violations of these Terms or applicable laws.

25. Limitation of Liability


25.1 To the fullest extent permitted by law, Wedo.ai and its service providers involved in the Platform will not be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or punitive damages arising from the use of the Platform.


25.2 Should any limitation of liability be found unenforceable, Wedo.ai’s total liability shall not exceed the greater of the total fees paid by the User for subscription services over the past six months or one hundred dollars ($100).


25.3 These limitations are fundamental to the agreement between Wedo.ai and the User. Certain jurisdictions do not allow some limitations of liability; in such cases, these limitations may not apply.


26. Accuracy of Platform Materials


Wedo.ai does not warrant the completeness, accuracy, or currency of any materials on its Platform and may update the content at any time without notice, without an obligation to make such updates known.



27. Links

27.1 Wedo.ai does not review all sites linked from its website nor is it responsible for the content found on any external sites. The presence of any link on Wedo.ai’s website does not imply an endorsement of the linked sites. Users engage with any linked sites at their own discretion and risk.


28. Modifications

28.1 Wedo.ai reserves the right to update the Terms of Service for its website without prior notification. By accessing and using this website, Users are deemed to have accepted the most current version of the Terms.


29. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

29.1 These Terms shall be governed by the laws of the State of Nevada and the Federal Arbitration Act without regard to conflicts of law principles. The exclusive jurisdiction for any disputes not subject to arbitration shall lie within the state and federal courts located in Las Vegas, NV.


30. Dispute Resolution and Arbitration

30.1 Applicability: The following arbitration terms apply exclusively to Users within the United States and its Territories.


30.2 Arbitration Agreement: Users agree to resolve any disputes arising from these Terms or the use of the Platform through binding, individual arbitration, excluding any class, representative, or consolidated actions.


30.3 Exclusions: Specific exceptions to the arbitration agreement allow for small claims court proceedings and seeking injunctive relief for intellectual property infringement.


30.4 Arbitration Procedures: Disputes will be arbitrated by the American Arbitration Association under the current Consumer Arbitration Rules, which can be found on their website or by direct request.


30.5 Arbitration Costs: Wedo.ai will cover its own arbitration fees unless the claim is deemed frivolous. If Wedo.ai prevails, it will only seek reimbursement for costs that would have been incurred in court litigation.


30.6 Relief and Remedies: The arbitrator is empowered to grant relief only on an individual basis. Public injunctive relief claims, if any, must be adjudicated in civil court, not arbitration.


30.7 Arbitration Opt-Out: Users may opt out of the arbitration agreement within 30 days of profile creation by sending a clear and concise opt-out notice to the designated Wedo.ai contact email.


30.8 Class Action Waiver: Users and Wedo.ai agree to bring disputes in an individual capacity only, not as part of any class or collective action, particularly in the context of arbitration.


30.9 Severability: If any part of the arbitration terms is found to be unenforceable, the remaining arbitration terms remain effective.


31. Reservation of Rights

31.1 Wedo.ai and its licensors retain exclusive ownership over all rights, titles, and interests in the Platform, encompassing all related intellectual property rights. You acknowledge that these rights are safeguarded by copyright, trademark, and other applicable laws both within the United States and internationally. You are obliged not to modify, conceal, or obliterate any proprietary rights notices that are part of or accompany the Platform.


32. Entire Agreement

32.1 These Terms embody the complete and sole agreement between you and Wedo.ai regarding the Platform, superseding all previous understandings or agreements, whether oral or written. Should any term herein be deemed unenforceable or invalid by a competent jurisdiction, such term shall be enforced to the fullest extent allowable, with the remaining terms continuing in full effect. Assignment or transfer of these Terms by you without Wedo.ai’s explicit written consent is void. Conversely, Wedo.ai retains the right to assign or transfer these Terms without restriction, and such actions will ensure these Terms are binding and advantageous to successors and permitted assignees.


33. Notices

33.1 Any notifications or communications under these Terms from Wedo.ai will be issued through email or directly to your Profile on the Platform. For email notifications, the transmission date is considered the receipt date.


34. Termination

34.1 Wedo.ai reserves the right to suspend or terminate your access or your Platform account at its discretion, without notice, at any time. Such termination does not negate any outstanding payment obligations or other commitments under any active project or service agreement you have entered with another User.


35. Waiver of Rights

35.1 No failure by Wedo.ai to exercise any right or enforce any provision under these Terms shall constitute a waiver of such right or provision unless acknowledged and agreed to in writing by an authorized Wedo.ai representative. The exercise of any remedy hereunder by either party shall be without prejudice to its other remedies afforded under these Terms or by law.


36. Inquiries and Support

36.1 Should you have any inquiries about the Platform or these Terms of Service, please reach out to our Customer Support Team directly at welcome@blog.wedo.ai for assistance.