thank-you – Wedo AI | Your All In One Business Tool

Thank You. We’ll be in touch at the speed of light (well… nearly)

What Does a Wedo Ambassador do?


  • Use our platform for your business; the whole SaaS suite including wallet 
  • Give useful feedback so we can continue to build an awesome platform that fits your needs. 
  • Communicate our values on social media, to your friends and colleagues.  
  • Create (paid!) content on the Wedo platform; It can be free too – you decide! 
  • You want to help us create a hive of like-minded people coming together to work and support each other.  

What Does Wedo Do For You?

  • We provide a social video SaaS application that helps you transact and earn online.  
  • A debit card and an account in multiple currencies  
  • Invoicing and tools to stay organize and in touch with your clients and potential customers.  
  • Onboarding and training to use the platform 
  • Featured in our podcast/interview series 
  • Ambassador of the month program & social media shoutouts for Winner(s) 
  • Beta Member Blog page where you can share your blogs 
  • You will be a Beta Member of the 1st generation