A Journey of Self-Awareness and Mental Well-being with Patrick Hill – Wedo AI | Your All In One Business Tool

On this week’s Wedotalk podcast, David interviewed Patrick Hill, former school teacher, Founder of Thinking Beyond Now, and Director/Co-CEO of Mendable. Patrick was born into a conservatively religious family in New Zealand with a history of alcoholism. He faced many challenges during his childhood and teenage years, including trauma and abuse often associated with being a young gay man. Patrick himself fell into alcohol and substance abuse.

At the age of 24, he took action to deal with his addiction issues and has been sober ever since. In 2003, Patrick migrated to London and pursued his career as a primary/elementary school teacher, and later moved into the position of a coach/mentor to other teachers, which led to him starting his own business Thinking Beyond Now, in which he “coaches people in and through the harder times of life.”

In early 2021, Patrick met Sophia May, Founder of Mendable, an app under development to measure stress and anxiety and make a positive impact on the mental well-being of its users. Today, Patrick and Sophia are Co-CEO’s of Mendable and leaders of a Clubhouse Room “Testimony to Men’s Mental Health” which has 9,000 members and provides a safe place for men to support each other in their mental health challenges.

Patrick’s Contact Information:
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrick-h…
Instagram: @patrickhillcoaching
Clubhouse: @patricktbn


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