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with Guest Jennifer Kumar

On February 9, 2022, David interviewed Jennifer Kumar, founder of Authentic Journeys, providing leadership coaching for companies and individuals working in cross-cultural teams.

After completing her undergraduate degree, Jennifer traveled to India and enrolled in a university in Chennai, where she obtained a Master’s degree in social work and after returning to the United States her first career was as a mental health social worker, advocating for children and youth.

In 2011, Jennifer and her husband moved back to India, but to a different state than where she had previously lived and studied. Finding a job in social work was difficult, and she started giving seminars at a local IT park on how to do business with Americans, which turned into a profitable business. Most of her clients were corporations, and her coaching business taught concepts such as working remotely, globalization, cross cultural teams, communications, leading projects and American business culture.

After six years, Jennifer moved back to the U.S. and initially maintained her client base. In 2019 she re-focused on her business, and the Covid pandemic provided an opportunity for her to coach clients in remote working and delivering products globally.
Her current clients are located in South America, Europe and Asia.

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