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This week, David interviewed Sebastiaan Hooft, joining from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Sebastiaan grew up in suburban Amsterdam and developed a flair for business and entrepreneurship as a young teenager. He founded twenty companies in fifteen years, became recognized as one of the Netherlands’ top tech entrepreneurs and was listed as one of the country’s 100 most successful self-made entrepreneurs by the Dutch business magazine “Quote”. He had achieved fame and wealth, and was a recognized public figure.

In 2009, his life changed radically when the pressure of long work hours, managing multiple enterprises, travel, intense focus and lack of attention to health and diet, resulted in Sebastiaan suffering from a complete physical, mental and emotional breakdown. After nine months of recovery, he made it his mission to help fellow entrepreneurs avoid the same path of self-destruction. One result of his redesigning his own life, was the publication of his first book “Redesign – Becoming a Happy, Healthy and Successful Entrepreneur”, in which he simplifies and summarizes the five facets of achieving this goal. The fifth facet is that of “Health” and in this podcast, Sebastiaan shares some insights into his journey to recovery and how others can learn from his experiences.

Sebastiaan’s Contact Information:
Twitter: @sebastiaanhooft

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