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This week, David interviewed professional magician and mental health advocate, David Burgess. David is also qualified in neurolinguistic programming; is a hypnosis practitioner, coaching expert and mental health first aider.

His mission is to bring the magic back into people’s lives, giving them the tools to gain confidence in their own abilities. David tells the story of how he successfully became a magician and developed a passion for helping others; but his journey has not always been filled with joy and happiness. At a young age he was physically and verbally bullied at school, associated himself with the wrong group of friends and turned to using drugs and alcohol.

At the age of 17, he made an attempt to take his own life, and with the love and support of his family, embarked upon his journey of recovery and realisation of his own abilities.

We talk about the resources available to individuals that are going through difficult times, and that no one should feel isolated and alone when they are at their most vulnerable.

David’s Contact Information:
Instagram: @david_burgess_magician
Twitter: @david_magician
Clubhouse: @mental_health1

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