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Building an Award-Winning PR Company with Raj Singh

by | Sep 5, 2022 | Wedotalks | 0 comments

David interviewed Raj Singh, Founder, Director and Head of PR for Xclusive PR in London. Raj talks about how he started his agency in 2014, which focuses mainly on clients that are startups, struggling businesses and independent artists. He shares some stories of his approach to public relations and what that means to companies and performers.

Raj also talks about his early life in which his family were badly impacted by the UK recession in the early 1990’s, the unwavering support and strength of his family to withstand hardship; his accomplishments and those of his sisters; and his entrepreneurial spirit that resulted in him creating a successful business.

Raj also provides some words of wisdom for people considering establishing themselves or their business independently.

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Twitter: @XclusivePR Instagram: @xclusivepruk