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with Guest Jim Frawley

On this week’s Wedotalk, David interviewed Jim Frawley.

Jim is an Executive and Organizational coach, Host of the Bellwether Hub Podcast, and author of “Adapting in Motion: Finding Your Place in the New Economy”. Jim is also a triathlete and competed in his first Ironman event two years ago.

We talk about some of Jim’s early career accomplishments. He started in radio, which he loved, and later joined a data analytics firm, which launched his career in business and finance. He worked for several financial institutions in various locations, but rather than feeling satisfied and fulfilled, he found himself feeling angry and frustrated. Having consulted with an executive coach to help identify new possibilities, he himself became a Columbia University Certified Executive Coach. He founded “Bellwether”, a company dedicated to helping organizations and individuals build resiliency and adapt to change. We talk about changing business cultures, changes that are forced upon us and those that we choose

Jim has used personal experiences and that of his clients to develop strategies to help people navigate mental health issues. Although he is not a doctor or therapist, he generally considers the three key components to be physical health, mental health and social health. Jim has hosted a podcast channel for the last three years, and his two most downloaded podcasts relate to his decision to give up drinking alcohol; and how training for an Ironman event helped him with dark thoughts he’d had and dark places his mind had visited. We concluded with a discussion about mental health in the corporate world and that although some progress has been made, significant work needs to be done in this field.

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Change Isn’t Coming It’s Here