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Crossing Borders In Technology with Mehaboob Begum

David interviewed Mehaboob Begum in Sydney, Australia, a recent master’s graduate in Information Technology and currently the Quality Assurance and Customer Support Analyst for GetMee.

Mehaboob is from India and although she originally wanted to enter the medical field and train to be a doctor, she decided to pursue her studies in technology and earned her undergraduate degree in computer systems technology.

After a few years working in customer service, she migrated to Australia in February 2020 to pursue a master’s degree from the Swinburne University of Technology in Sydney; but had to spend most of her first year in lockdown during the Covid pandemic.

We talk about her internship and later employment with GetMee, an Australian startup that uses artificial intelligence to assist language learning for those learning English as a second language.

We also talk about the labour shortage across the globe, and the opportunities that are open to freelance workers in IT and many other industries.

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