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with Guest Adam Kent

On April 29, 2022, David interviewed Adam Kent, business coach and Founder/CEO of Invictus Consulting, an organization dedicated to the success of small to medium sized businesses. Invictus has clients internationally, from Canada, India, Australia, and around the US. Specializing in sales, EQ, leadership training, enhancing organizational culture & behavior. Born in Japan, Adam’s family moved to Australia when he was 8-years old, and he struggled to find his sense of belonging during his teenage years. Adam caught his first entrepreneurial bug at 9 years old, importing Japanese lollipops and selling them throughout his school in Sydney. He studied at the Australian College of Applied Psychology in Sydney, which gave him a foundation and understanding of human behavior, and after that, a successful sales career in multiple industries. He later worked with a coach, from whom he learned a lot, and greatly respected, and then transitioned into the world of coaching others. In 2016, Adam migrated to the United Stated and settled in Las Vegas. While working for a family member, he continued coaching as a side job and formally established Invictus Consulting in 2019. His approach is that everyone has what it takes to be successful, and offers the opportunity for clients to recognize their abilities through specialized coaching services, designed to produce real results. He was 2019’s Top 40 under 40 with My Vegas Magazine, Top 30 Business Coaches o look out for in 2022 by The NYC Journal, voted the Best of Small Business Awards Best Business Coach of 2021, and was a guest on the season 8 finale of CNBC’s The Profit.

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Everyone Has the Ability to be Successful