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On April 29, 2022, David interviewed business adviser, coach, author and keynote speaker, David Kauffman. He is the owner of Your Business Basics, a consulting firm specializing in business process. He helps business owners understand how their actions, or lack thereof, affect their business. David is also the Managing Director of the BNI (Business Network International) Delaware Valley Regions.

David’s first business was an alarm monitoring company, followed by an electrical contractor business which grew in to Kauffman Construction, in which he always focused on looking at his service from the customer’s standpoint. After a serious car accident, David had to pivot his business away from construction, and built a travel company called Fun on the Waves. He founded his current business, Your Business Basics, in coaching and consultancy, in 2014

In 2018, David published his first book “Your Message: Everything You Do or Say Affects Your Message”. His book has become a point of reference for business owners in many fields

David’s Contact Information:

Email: David@YourBusinesBasics.com