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Feeling Good about Yourself with Special Guest Evelyn Santizo

On September 23, 2022, David interviewed Evelyn Santizo, while attending the RevolutionHER™ conference in Toronto Canada. Evelyn has re-invented herself professionally a number of times, with the recurring theme of serving others and helping people to feel better about themselves.

Originally from Guatemala, she migrated to Canada with her family as a young child. In her early life, she dreamt of becoming a police officer, but when her mother feared for her safety, she pursued a career in nursing instead. While working on a geriatric ward, she tells the story of helping elderly patients feel better about their appearance.

In her desire to help people feel more confident about themselves, she went into fashion merchandizing, and later owned a spa. After the birth of her second child, Evelyn had gained a lot of weight and created an online store for plus-sized women’s and girl’s clothing. She then talks about her decision to lose weight with the help of a surgical procedure.

Evelyn is a professional with 20 years of experience in Business Development / Management of international Operations / Project Management on Commercial property investment , Construction, Business Acquisitions and Mergers, Customer Service Excellence, Operational Management, Marketing Planning, Sales Strategy and Execution, Merchandising, Sourcing/ Product development.

Over the last eight years, Evelyn has worked as a commercial, residential and investment real estate broker.

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