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with Guest Brian Kennedy

On this week’s Wedotalk, David interviewed Brian Kennedy. Brian is a motivational speaker and career, wellness and mental health coach, and joins me from Dublin, Ireland. Brian runs his own coaching and consulting business, BJ Kenno Motivation. He tells the story of his family life, with a loving mother and an alcoholic father, and how from an early age, he always believed in working hard and giving the best of himself.

His first job, during economically challenging times in Ireland, was in a factory, after which he worked in the civil service and then entered banking and financial services, where he worked his way into managerial positions. During his banking career, Brian was the victim of seven armed robberies, in which he put the safety of his staff and customers before his own, and often had the difficult task of telling customers that they could lose their homes if they were unable to make mortgage payments.

As his career advanced, he took on more responsibilities and found himself working 80+ hours a week, managing whole divisions of major banks, leaving little time for his wife and children. In 2010, due to the pressures of his work life, he suffered from mental exhaustion and used that time to re-evaluate his life.

In his coaching business, Brian tells how he has helped individuals and corporations to seek positive and creative solutions to problems, and has helped people in new stages of their careers, develop into their roles successfully. He has done motivational speaking to major corporations and sports teams to help them be better versions of themselves. Brian says that the last eleven years of his life have been the most fulfilling for his family and for him professionally.

Brian’s Contact Information:
Twitter: @BJKenno
Instagram: @BJKenno

Finding a Positive Path for Yourself