From Hip Hop to Holistic Well-Being – Wedo AI | Your All In One Business Tool

with Special Guest Suzy Zenouzi

On May 25, 2022, David interviewed Suzy Zenouzi from London, Founder of Mojona Ltd. A bespoke global Marketing and A&R company in the music industry; and more recently, Founder of Dragon Ley Tours, providing holistic healing and well-being through the study of ley lines and earth energy lines. 

In 2004 she launched Mojona, which became a bespoke creator and promoter of musical performers, which supported artists such as Kanye West, Jay-Z, John Legend and many  more. Suzy is still involved in the music world today, but through her current business, The Dragon Ley Tours, she has studied the ancient art of dowsing and earth energy lines, which focuses on the energies that exist beneath the earth’s surface and how they can be used for holistic healing and well-being. 

Director of Bespoke Music Industry Consultancy Company Mojona Ltd

Founder of The Dragon Ley Tours

Co-Founder of Digital Oracle

🌐Ley Lines/Earth Energies
🔻Dowsing for Divine Knowledge

Suzy’s Contact Information:
Twitter: @MojonaLtd
Instagram: @suzyzenouzi , @thedragonleytours

From Hip Hop to Holistic Well-Being