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with Mike Montgomery

On April 19, 2022, David interviewed Mike Montgomery. Mike is better known by his business name and social media handle “Health Unicorn Mike”. Mike held professional positions in marketing and financial advisory services before specializing in the health insurance industry, first for an insurance broker, before establishing himself in his current business in 2020.

Mike describes the various types of insurance available in the United States, both public and private, and also the types of plans available, such as family plans, individual plans and group plans. For many people in the US, health insurance is a key benefit provided by their employer, for which the employee pays a portion. The types of coverage and employee contributions can vary widely from company to company. For people insured through an employer sponsored plan, the thought of becoming an independent contractor/freelancer and losing healthcare coverage can be intimidating and may prevent people from taking that critical step.

Mike explains how coverage can be obtained for everyone, regardless of their employment status. Originally from Alaska, Mike has lived in several locations in the US and currently resides with his family in Tampa Bay, Florida. 

Mike’s Contact Information:
Twitter: @HealthUnicornMk
Instagram: @healthunicornmike


Health Insurance for Everyone