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with Claudia van Zuiden

On April 26, 2022, David interviewed Claudia van Zuiden, Founder and CEO of Solution Ways, a solution focused well-being practice for counselling, personal and business coaching, life-skills and compassionate leadership training.

Claudia grew up in Amsterdam, but spent much of her adult life in Scotland before recently re-locating back to the Netherlands. We talk about Claudia’s approach to coaching, which includes her belief that emotional resilience programs should be taught from a very young age to promote mental health and well-being in times when people are experiencing trauma.

Claudia believes that everyone can embody their full potential in all aspects of their lives, and that with the help of the right tools and guidance, life can become more meaningful and purposeful, both personally and professionally.

Claudia has studied the teachings of the Dalai Lama, modern day neuroscience and many other concepts to deliver focused solutions to corporations, business leaders and individuals.

Claudia’s Contact Information:
LinkedIn: Connect on LinkedIn
Twitter: @SolutionWays
Instagram: @claudiavanzuiden

Helping People Thrive Rather Than Survive