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Kindness and Positivity in Business with Guest Samantha Kelly

David interviewed Samantha Kelly from Wexford in Ireland. This was his second interview with Samantha, the first one was about a year ago in which she told the story of how she had taught herself many aspects of social media and particularly Twitter, and how she had successfully turned her knowledge into a profitable business by helping other businesses market themselves using Twitter and other social media platforms.

One year later, Samantha is focusing most of her time on running The Women’s Inspire Network, and developing chapters globally. The network was established in 2016, prior to the Covid pandemic, and has always had its main presence online. The network’s mission is to empower its members to confidently explore business opportunities, with aspect such as age and gender, not being an obstacle to potential success.

Samantha also talks about recently reaching a milestone of 14 years of sobriety, and the achievements that she has made in that time. We discuss the similarities between the work that she does to connect and help people; and that of anyone recovering from addiction. Both involve the giving and receiving of kindness and support.

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