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Living With Childhood Trauma

On this week’s Wedotalk podcast, David interviewed Jessie Mae. Jessie is one of nine siblings in her family and she tells her story of how she experienced many traumatic events in her childhood. She was the victim of verbal abuse and was repeatedly told by her father that she would never achieve anything in life and was not worthy of the love and security that she needed in her early years. She was also the victim of spankings from her parents and recalls being sprayed with a water hose and other physical punishments for not conforming with the discipline that her parents expected.

As an adult, Jessie feels love for her parents and has come to realize that they did the best that they knew, were not equipped with the skills to cultivate their family and most likely, treated their children the same way that they were also treated in their own childhoods. Her lack of self-worth as a child and young adult, propelled Jessie into a life as an over-achiever and people-pleaser.

Despite the traumas that she suffered as a child, she had a successful career in automobile sales and is the mother of four adult daughters. In late 2019, Jessie needed to have a surgical procedure that required a three-week recovery period. It was during that time that she was able to reflect on her childhood, and her life as an adult, and realised that some of her own parenting styles had been similar to the way she had been treated and that her other behaviours, such as road-rage and general lack of tolerance in others, were triggered by childhood memories.

Today, Jessie has launched her own business to coach and help others to become the best version of themselves and to overcome their self-doubt and lack of confidence. In her own words: “I am high on life, because I discovered what it means to heal from childhood adversity and trauma. Now I’m free and hella happy”. She is in the process of writing her first book.

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Instagram: @iamjessie.mae
Clubhouse: @iamhellahappy

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