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On this week’s Wedotalk podcast, David interviewed Australian entrepreneur Balendran Thavarajah. Bala was born in Sri Lanka. Tragically, his mother took her own life when he was an infant and he was raised in the loving homes of his aunts. His childhood saw the outbreak of a civil war and as a result, Bala had very little schooling beyond the early years and followed the path of many young men at the time and joined the army at the age of 14. In his early twenties, he took refuge in India and from there migrated to Australia.  As a new immigrant in Sydney, with little schooling and no knowledge of English, his future looked bleak, but Bala was determined to re-build his life. Most educational establishments refused to consider him, but he was eventually admitted to Western Sydney University where he used his energy and determination to learn the English language and succeed by earning a degree in computer science. 
After graduation and with an entrepreneurial spirit, Bala first started a company to offer insurance service to the elderly; in his second company he created a point-of-sale software for supermarkets; and then partnered with the founders of Bluedot Innovation as the Founding CTO.  Bluedot is a successful location-based service company in Australia and the USA. 

Today he is the Founder and CEO of GetMee, an AI-enabled application for mobile devices to help people adopt better language and communication skills. GetMee provides the service to people that Bala himself could have used when he arrived in Australia. 

Bala’s Contact Information: 
Instagram: @getmeeai 
Twitter: @getmeeai 

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