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with Guest Brad Reed

On February 15, 2022, David interviewed Brad Reed, mindfulness, executive and mental wellness coach, and the founder of his own coaching business, Repurpose-You, based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Brad is originally from London, Ontario, Canada and experienced mental health issues in his teenage years and 20’s. Brad practiced certain modalities to heal his mind and body, appreciating the mind-body connection, integrating mindfulness practices into his life and looking for the most holistic ways to heal. He followed his innermost intuition and decided to travel to Asia, and initially arrived in Bangkok, Thailand, with the intention to travel further to Vietnam and India, but has not yet made it to India.

Brad’s original intent was to teach English in Vietnam, but instead he started working in leadership development. Upon realizing that personal and team well-being was an important issue within management, he developed Repurpose-You to provide the teaching of these concepts to corporations and individuals, allowing them to obtain and optimize emotional fulfillment and mental wellness.

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