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with Guest Jack Black

On April 13, 2022, David interviewed Jack Black, author, coach and leader in the field of personal development and performance improvement. Jack is also the Founder and Course Director of MindStore International Ltd., though which he has coached, among others, world champions in sport, business leaders and entrepreneurs. He has also coached many large corporations, including major banks and vehicle manufacturers. Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Jack has also lived in France and currently lives in the south of England. We talk a little about his early life and his career as a social worker in Glasgow. After the death of three people that were close to him within a very short period of time, Jack himself collapsed due to over work, which prompted him to research stress management and personal development, aimed at inspiring people to fulfil their true potential. Jack has also authored two books “MindStore the Ultimate Mental Fitness Program” and “MindStore for Personal Development” 

Jack’s Contact Information:
Twitter: @jack_mindstore


Personal Development and Performance Improvement