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with Guest Blake Leo Burke

On December 4, 2021, David interviewed Blake Leo Burke. Blake currently works as a mindset and integrative health coach, and also has a background in theatrical design, teaching, mentoring and youth crisis management. Having experienced anxiety and depression as a child and young adult, Blake shares the details of their story, intertwined with the various work that they have done as a teacher, youth counselor and youth crisis intervention counsellor.

Having lived and worked in many locations within the United States, Blake returned home to North Carolina after getting a brain cancer diagnosis at the beginning of 2021, which began another journey of overcoming challenges, and finding positivity against the backdrop of a life-threatening illness.

The recurring theme of this story is that Blake has always embraced and enjoyed helping others, and always tries to find positivity in everything.

Blake’s current coaching business is named Challenging Average and teaches the principles of Peace, Positivity and Purpose in helping people set goals for themselves and develop plans for their success. We finish up talking about being alone over the holidays and the difference between being alone and experiencing loneliness.

Blake’s Contact Information:
Instagram: @challengingaverage
TikTok: @challengingaverage
YouTube Podcast Channel:…

Clubhouse: @Deceptivelyme


Practicing Peace, Positivity and Purpose