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Having been told that she did not have the potential to go to university, Lizzy trained as a nurse, and also became a midwife. At the age of 31, she joined the British Army and during her military career, had the opportunity to take a Bachelor of Science Degree in Healthcare Management, a Masters of Education, and went on to earn a PhD from University of Southampton.
In her last military assignment, Lizzy was appointed global head of nursing, which led to her passion for resilience, well-being and empowerment. This was the platform from which she launched her own company, to coach others in these skills and release their own potential.

Much of her military career had involved coaching others, which she did not realise at the time, and she was able to use those skills in her current business. Most clients of her coaching business are business leaders that Lizzy coaches in management and leadership skills, as well as developing confidence and helping to eliminate toxic management within organizations. For her business clients, Lizzy helps develop vision and purpose.

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