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“Maybe I’m just a gambler or maybe I’m just lucky.”
After last weeks Wedotalk with Joanna, we all want to know where she is going next. In this second talk with Joanna, we talk about taking risks and the social and emotional challenges that comes with risk taking and traveling the world as a single woman, and of course, what her plans for the future are… Joanna tells of taking risks as a teenager versus an adult. During her time in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, she experienced Islamic hospitality, rather than the hesitancy that is often associated with middle eastern countries. Although the laws of the UAE are based on Sharia Law, she always felt as free and safe there as in the United States.
We also talk about Joanna’s passion for leisure travel, and how her life as a teacher has given her the time to be able to travel and satisfy her curiosity. At first, she found the concept of solo travel intimidating, but now finds it exciting and has become a pioneer of traveling alone as well as with others. Joanna tells how during a group trip to the mountains of Peru, she got separated from her fellow travelers and fell off the edge of the trail and had to spend the night fighting hypothermia. We end with Joanna telling me of her next move.

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