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On this week’s Wedotalk, David interviewed Joseph Costello, founder of Joseph Costello Mentoring. Early in his life, he found himself unfulfilled. Having worked in a coal yard and then as a civil servant, he realised that the traditional work-life of a “9-to-5” job was not working for him, and that he was following in the footsteps of his elder generations rather than designing his own life.
He found himself depressed and needed long periods of sick leave from his job, mostly due to mental illness, which he and others did not recognise. Once he had identified what was making him sick, he decided to take ownership of his life and in 2004, Joseph bought a limousine, which started his life of working independently. He went on a journey of self-discovery, in which he focused on relationships, studied the mind, qualified in hypnosis and creative energy, and studied with many mentors. Joseph believes that within each individual lies infinite potential.

Today, Joseph works to help people develop their own pathway forward in their professional and personal lives. Joseph is a global expert in the human mindset, develops thinking into results, and helps his clients deal with negative thoughts, become better decision makers and more focused and disciplined.

Joseph’s Contact Information:

Instagram: @josephcostellomentor
Twitter: @JosephCostelloMentor

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