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On this weeks Wedotalk, David interviewed Samantha Kelly. Samantha joined him from Wexford in Ireland, and told the story of how she taught herself many aspects of social media and particularly Twitter, and how she has successfully turned her knowledge into a profitable business by helping other businesses market themselves using Twitter and other social media platforms.
About ten years ago, Samantha was the single mother of two daughters receiving welfare benefits, her marriage had broken up, her father had passed away and she was a recovering alcoholic who had been sober for three years. She created a gift pack for young girls approaching their first period, and with no money and no financial backing, used social media to market her product and reach her customers. Not only did she tell her story using social media, she encouraged others to do the same and saw the power and potential of using social media to reach a target audience.

In 2012, she appeared on the TV show “Dragon’s Den” (known as “Shark Tank” in the US) to seek investment for her business. Although her quest for investment was not successful, it opened up many new opportunities for her. Samantha describes some of her business successes, how she established The Women’s Inspire Network and how she rebuilt her life from her low point and some of the challenges that she faced as a recovering alcoholic.

Samantha’s Contact Information:
Twitter: @Tweetinggoddess
Instagram: @tweetinggoddess

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